Sunday, September 4, 2011

Let's go for tacos - Tres Carnales

We've been to Tres Carnales a few times since they opened back in July. I don't think I have much more to add to the many posts out there, but I will add Charles and I to the lengthy list of others who love this spot.

Charles is addicted to the carnitas and pollo asado (as are many of the Folk Fest staff - these and their guac seriously livened up post-teardown) while I have a soft spot for the creamy-sweet rajas con crema with a Negra Modelo on the side. And again, like everyone else, we seriously appreciate the warm decor and well chosen music, especially since we seem to end up at the spot on cool, rainy days.

This past week we ended up stopping by twice - once for lunch with a friend and for dinner prior to Wednesday evening's Ray LaMontagne concert. Although it was a Wednesday, the place was, of course, packed and we got our order of carnitas tacos to go (I realized after ordering that they had the fish tacos! Yet another reason to head back.).

Ultimately we ended up in a cold and deserted Churchill square. But a coffee at Credo afterward was perfect and Ray LaMontagne was amazing. All in all, an excellent evening. And we can't wait for more tacos, whatever the weather.

10119 100A Street
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Dress Me Dearly said...

Great post, I LOVE this place. So authentic and the service is incredible. We need more places like this downtown with a lively, friendly atmosphere!

Marianne said...

Thanks! Agreed - more casual spots with great food would be a great way to get people downtown beyond 9-5.