Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Alas, we must once again feed ourselves."

Those were the words of our administrator last week as site kitchen closed its doors. After being spoiled for such a lengthy period of time - nearly two months of lunches and dinners - the adjustment has been rough. Charles and I have been sustaining ourselves on a mixture of V Sandwiches (thankfully now on Whyte), Fringe concessionaires and various meals at the homes of family.

Yesterday evening we finally sat down at our own kitchen table. We were overwhelmed at the market on Saturday morning and came home with a couple bags of produce. In short, there was lots to work with.

Grilled trout with nectarine, corn and tarragon salad.

We attempted a bit of patio dining, but the wasps decided to join, so inside it was. Hopefully you are enjoying the brilliant weather! I promise some sort of restaurant post soon. We're off to Battista's Calzone Company with a friend tomorrow evening, so here's hoping it's as enjoyable as some of the other experiences documented out there.

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