Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bistecca for lunch

As I walked out of class early Wednesday afternoon, my dad called to ask if I wanted to go for lunch. At first he suggested the Brewsters down at Century Park, but upon arrival he decided it would be nice to try Bistecca, and thus we did.

I'd been to Bistecca for dinner once prior for the Kerstin's Chocolates staff party. Though everything wasn't a hit, their steak tartare (aka Carne cruda alla piemontese) was definitely memorable, as were most of the pasta dishes had around the table. Also notable, is that Bistecca, like other Sorrentino's Restaurants, offers half sized options for their pasta dishes at both lunch and dinner, which I generally greatly appreciated. That said pasta didn't seem to be an option for either myself or my father at lunch that day (and sadly there was no "Carne cruda alla piemontese" on the lunch menu).

Ultimately I ended up with the Italian Club Panini - shaved chicken breast, pancetta, fontina, avocado and truffle oil ($12) - along with a 'baby greens salad' (an additional $1). My dad went for the fish special, which, as the server noted, was more 'surf and turf' that day - steak topped with prawns and herb butter, served with potato salad and mushrooms ($20).

Given that we arrived at the very end of the lunch rush - around 1:30pm - our orders didn't take long at all to come out. Though my green salad was a little plain, the dressing was enjoyable as were the sweet-sharp red onion slices. I also liked the combination of avocado, chicken and pancetta in the panini, though ultimately, I wouldn't trek all the way down to Century Park for it. My dad seemed to enjoy his steak and shrimp, and luckily for me, he wasn't enjoying the potato salad that I thought was incredible - the potatoes were still warm with lots of olive oil, roasted pepper, broccolini and parsley.

Overall we had a solid lunch at Bistecca, though I think the room itself as well as the location lend the restaurant more to dinner than anything else. While Bistecca certainly won't be a regular spot for us, here's hoping dinner complete with Carne cruda alla piemontese is in the cards soon.

2345 111 Street
Reservations recommended
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As we left I noticed this place in progress... anyone know anything about it?

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