Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mango Chutney with Bison Burgers

You know those gifts you continue to enjoy well after Christmas celebrations are long gone? This jar of mango chutney is one of those things. Every year Charles' sister and brother-in-law make a batch of this stuff, but this is the first year we've remembered to grab a couple jars at the end of tourtière day.

I've been utilizing this fruity, cinnamon-y condiment on multiple things, namely chicken and camembert sandwiches. As we sat down to bison burgers last night, Charles laughed a little as I opened the jar and pulled out a large spoonful to see if it would work with our Wednesday evening meal. It was perfect, and went well with all the cumin and coriander I'd thrown into the patties earlier (also in there was onion, portobello mushrooms, white cheddar cheese, salt and pepper, an egg and rolled oats).

I'm halfway through this first jar, and with one more in the pantry, I know there're plenty of good chutney topped foods to come.


Maki said...

I've never had chutney before we made our own pumpkin chutney. Now I love it. This summer when I get an abundance of mangoes, I will have to make some too!

Marianne said...

I remember your pumpkin chutney post and it looked fantastic! I've never made chutney myself before, but it's definitely on the very lengthy 'to-do' list.

Leslie Holmes said...

this chutney talk reminds me that I have chutney I NEED to use up... haha. looks very yummy... I've never made my own before.