Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wild Earth Cafe renos, NY Bagel Cafe and Friends and Neighbors

Charles heads to Wild Earth Cafe pretty often - he's addicted to the cinnamon buns. Anyhow, they've been renovating for awhile now, adding much needed seating in the space that was formerly the bakery (this also includes a fireplace to cozy up next to). To achieve this, they are moving the bakery into a location a few blocks away from the Cafe... I hope the familiar "just baked" smell will remain as they bring product over.

Charles is keeping an eye on the situation, and their most recent projection for having the new space ready is ~6 months from now... this means they are planning to keep the place open throughout renos.

The following picture is of Charles' most recent latte at Wild Earth... he told the staff they were way too chipper in the morning.

We walked past NY Bagel Cafe this past week after Ice On Whyte, and they had a sign up advertising a new dinner menu to be unveiled in March. They have decided to close every day at 4PM to facilitate the change, so it's breakfast and lunch only for a little while.

Friends and Neighbors has closed down until February 19th (they will re-open on the 20th). The sign in their window didn't give any explanation for the closing... I hope they will be taking down the wall between the "Delight" side of things and the "Cafe" side to make the entire space less awkward to enter.

As an aside, my first guest post is up on the Kerstin's Chocolate blog!

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