Monday, April 20, 2009

Study Breaks

When it comes to studying for exams I am the worst sort of student - I think about how I have an exam one or two weeks before the actual date, but then my love of procrastination takes over and I find myself cramming until 6AM on the eve of the thing.

Whether you are cramming or not, study breaks are essential. For obvious reasons it is recommended that you eat uber healthy when your studying - carrot sticks, grapes, granola, etc. - but since I was already cramming anyhow I decided to eat this...

"This" is a piece of German Chocolate Cake from Upper Crust. Zed and I walked to the cafe to pick up a piece to accompany my late night studying for a microeconomics exam this past Tuesday. I would have loved to sit and share it there, but since time was scarce they nicely wrapped it up on a paper plate for us.

The cake itself was light and moist and the whole slice was covered in a rich but not-too-sweet chocolate buttercream icing. But my favourite thing about this cake is the coconut buttercream stuff in the middle of the layers - it tastes like caramel and coconut at the same time - amazing!


Jane said...

I feel your pain. I'm the same kind of student ... and I've been through a Microeconomics exams so it only makes sense to reward yourself with something sweet!

Good luck on exams!

Maki said...

Yes, study breaks are essential! For getting yummy treats and blogging! Good luck on the exam :)