Thursday, January 29, 2009

U of A's International Week 2009: Hungry for Change

I noticed that Sharon from Only Here for the Food is off to the Food: Today, Tomorrow, Together Conference this weekend and I'm really looking forward to her posts on the topic of food security (also I hope that she feels better!).

On the topic of food conferences, it seems like a good time to mention U of A's International Week (which is loosely tied to the Food Security Conference happening this weekend) beginning on Monday, February 2nd and running through Friday, February 6th. This year's topic is "Hungry for Change: Transcending Feast, Famine and Frenzy".

Lectures, debates, film and photography will look at food disparity and food security issues and the impact of political, economic, environmental and other factors at local, national and international levels.

My favourite part of International Week each year (other than the actual events/lectures) is that everything is free of charge (with the exception of the finale concert on Friday evening). You can find information on International Week (aka iWeek) as well as a program guide at this link.

I'm hoping to catch "Deconstructing Dinner (based on a weekly radio show from Nelson BC)" from 11-12:30pm (on Tuesday the 3rd) in the Timms Centre Lobby, where Joe Steinman will be deconstructing a plate of food made with products from a food supply corporation that has taken over a large amount of food production globally. Later from 2-3:20pm that afternoon (Timms Centre), Joe Steinman will also discuss Community Supported Agriculture, and a project in Nelson and Creston BC, where residents were given different grains to grow in an effort to make their food production more sustainable. This is followed by tips and ideas on how to start your own sustainable agricultural project.

Also, on Friday the 6th in the Dinwoodie Lounge (second floor, SUB) at noon, a community working on their own local food security issues will share the successes and mistakes they experienced while creating community gardens, school food learning programs, cooking classes and other initiatives in their community.

**Lectures around noon always fill up fast, so arrive early to grab a seat!

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Sharon said...

I wish I could go to International Week events, though I was very fortunate to be able to go to the conference.

I do feel a bit better, thanks, though my body wishes the conference were only 2 and not 3 days long...