Wednesday, January 21, 2009

$8.00 Po-Boys... Budget Friendly at DaDeO on Mondays or Tuesdays (or any day really)

Zed and I headed to our Tuesday night yoga class, after work and classes, already hungry. After an hour and a half of rumbling stomachs, we decided to stop for something quick on the way home. I know Fork Fest is going on right now, but seriously, nothing beats the $8.00 Po-Boy bargain offered up by DaDeO on Mondays and Tuesdays.

We arrived around 8:30, and the restaurant was packed (as usual), but luckily a couple was just leaving and a booth was quickly prepared for us. I love the tables at DaDeO: they are cozy but still roomy enough to store a back pack and the massive amount of winter attire we all carry around with us at this time of year; plus, every two-seater booth is set up with its own juke-box, complete with old tunes from the 50s. The vibe of the restaurant, in general, is one of the best on the Whyte Ave strip, with relaxed and friendly staff, an eclectic mix of customers and a constant supply of "old-time blues" (I love blues, especially the old, soulful, acoustic stuff...).

Our drink orders were up first, and we didn't deviate from our favourites - I went with a Cherry Coke and Zed for the classic version. We were quickly supplied with a miniature biscuit each, and a small helping of jalapeño jelly. For entrees we of course chose Po-Boys. I think I have tried every fish or veggie version of the sandwich, and last night I went with the blackened catfish. Zed went for the blackened chicken, his favourite version of any of the options. A Po-Boy comes with your choice of Potato Hash or Veggie Jambalaya and a small helping of coleslaw. Zed went for nothing but coleslaw (they gave him a bunch extra though), and I upgraded to Sweet Potato Fries (an extra $1... you really can't go to DaDeO without trying these things!).

Once the sandwiches arrived the Cajun dry spice peppering my fries and catfish hit me square in the nose, and I couldn't wait to dig in. The catfish was set out on the salsa and lettuced bun in thick chunks, blackened for a crispy, smoky outer layer that left the sweet meatiness of the fish intact. The famous Sweet Potato Fries lived up to their title once again, with a crispy battered outside and sweet soft inside, sprinkled with more seasoning, I haven't had any better in the city. Zed reported his blackened chicken to be just as good as always, with the darkened seasoned outside providing a nice tickle in the back of his throat, while still leaving the chicken moist and tender.

Blackened Chicken w/ Slaw (sorry it's so blurry)

Blackened Catfish w/ Sweet Potato Fries

As if the deep fried goodness wasn't enough, we decided to share a dessert (we scored on the sandwiches so we had to). We had sampled the pecan pie once before, so this time we settled on the in-house made coconut pie with whipped cream. A large piece of pie arrived a couple minutes later, and we dug in. The pie was pure shredded coconut on top of a thin pie crust at the bottom - I love coconut and found out this was a great way to eat it.

Coconut Pie w/ lots of whip

One of the best parts of the evening was the bill - the two of us got out of the place for under $30 (not including tip). Dessert ($6) could have probably have been left for an even better bargain.

The Monday and Tuesday Po-Boy special will always keep us going back for more, but if you are strolling down (or up) Whyte Ave., check out DaDeO for some eats that are guaranteed filling and budget friendly.

DaDeO Diner and Bar
10548A 82 (Whyte) Ave
**Dadeo is a licensed bar, and you need to be 18 to go in**

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Court said...

I have never been to eat at DaDeOs, and have always wanted to. Your review reminds me to go there!