Sunday, January 18, 2009

A return to Padmanadi's

Zed and I ended up eating at Padmanadi's on Saturday night with a friend that we had promised to take there.

After our evening of Curry "Chicken" and Potatoes, Ginger "Mutton" and other lovely treats, Zed and I agreed that our conclusions about Oriental Veggie House the night before were still correct: while the food was good, it didn't quite reach the level of Padmanadi's rich, colourful and flavourful dishes.

Our friend, a hardcore carnivore (this was her first encounter with "fake meat"), really enjoyed all the dishes... but like most, she found it creepy how the "wheat-gluten" could so successfully masquerade as chicken, pork, shrimp and mutton/beef.

I always get questioned about "fake meat": why don't you just eat the real thing? And if you don't, why would you want anything reminiscent of meat?

I can't explain it. I enjoy the chewy, satisfying texture of the wheat-gluten products offered at Padmanadi's, but this still doesn't mean I want to eat the real thing...

In the end, a trip to Padmanadi's is wonderful; and as the lines and long waits for a table have shown, other vegetarians and carnivores think it is too. With a whole menu guaranteed non-meat to choose from (whether you like meat or not), their flavourful dishes are a treat for everyone.

Padmanadi Vegetarian Restaurant
10626 97 Street

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