Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All about the Apple Strudel (and Beef Goulash) at Accent European Lounge

Last night Zed and I decided to find a $20 Fork Fest menu to sample. Our first instinct was to head to Blue Plate where they are offering their $20 vegetarian menu (an appetizer and entree) this week. However we thought we should go somewhere a little less familiar, and Accent European Lounge, a newer Original Fare member, turned out to be the destination of choice.

We had visited Accent sometime last year on a dessert craze, where we ventured to restaurants simply for dessert and coffee (ie. Cafe Select Southside (now closed), High Level, Leva, etc.). We had ordered the apple strudel and fell in love with it, so we thought trying their entrees would be fitting.

The Lounge had not changed at all since last we had last visited - a small but fair size, dark wood everywhere and a small shortage of lighting (there are some dark pictures below). There were three other couples who seemed to be on dessert when we arrived so there was a healthy choice of seating (we chose a high table close to the window). Our server brought us menus and a wine/beer list, pointing out the Fork Fest features on the back. A few minutes later she was back to see if we were in need of drinks - I went for an Alley Kat Amber Brown Ale and Zed for a Keith's.

Accent's Fork Fest menu (their selections from the regular menu) consisted of a choice of House or Greek Salad, entree choices of Weiner Schnitzel, Beef Goulash, Steak Tartar or Grilled Veg Stack with Bocconcini and Basil Pesto, and for dessert a choice of Apple Strudel or Crepes. I went for the Greek Salad, Vegetable stack and Strudel, and Zed opted for the House Salad, Beef Goulash and also for the Strudel.

A couple minutes after placing our orders our server appeared again to inform me that they would be unable to make the Veg stack as they were out of the portobello mushrooms. She offered to replace the Vegetable stack with their Vegetable Pasta - because the other three Fork Fest options were meat, it was an offer that I really couldn't turn down.

The salads came out quickly. My Greek salad was a good combination of red onion, Feta, Olives and lots of peppery Arugala. Zed on the other hand didn't care for his House Salad. I have to admit that after a small sample the sweet-earthy dressing didn't quite agree with me either, but as Zed is not at all a fan of salads, it would have taken something incredible to win him over.

The House Salad

The Greek Salad

Our entrees arrived soon after. Zed's Goulash looked good - a deep rich brown colour, it was full of red and green peppers and lots of beef and Paprika. On the wet snowy evening it was definitely fitting, and Zed really enjoyed it. While my Vegetable Pasta was good, it was nothing too special - chunks of zucchini, red pepper, onion, broccoli and cauliflower were tossed in a sauce that reminded me of Bruschetta, along with linguine (I'm no good with raw tomatoes, so the dish already put me off a bit). In the end there was nothing really wrong with the dish, maybe it just needs a bit of an update.

Beef Goulash

Vegetable Pasta

I was glad to finish with the Apple Strudel, as it almost made up for my entree. Two nice sized slices of Strudel arrived with a pleasant aroma of walnuts and cinnamon. The outside layer of dough was lovely and crispy, while the inside was full of soft apples and lots of finely ground walnuts.

Apple Strudel

While Accent was good, it definitely wasn't the best meal we've had in the city. But although the lounge was a bit darker than we normally prefer, the casual service meant that we could linger and talk as long as we wanted (preferably with some of the strudel), something we both appreciated; because of this we will likely return (plus, I really want to return to try the vegetable stack...).

Accent European Lounge
8223 104 Street

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Sharon said...

I'm glad to see that you are beginning to take photos! It's a slow and steady learning curve, but you're well on your way!