Friday, January 16, 2009

Fork Fest!!!

Original Fare's Fork Fest begins next week, running from January 19-22, and again from January 26-29.

We're always excited about this event... there are a few pricier Original Fare Restaurants we still haven't visited, and the $20 or $35 three course dinners make them more within our reach.

I think we've settled on the Red Ox Inn, although the Blue Pear just published their menu today, and it is very tempting. And while we've been before, the thought of Accent Lounge's wonderful Apple Strudel is incredibly luring.

Published menus for this edition of Fork Fest can be viewed here. And the list of participating restaurants can be found here.


apostrophe s said...

Red Ox is just a fabulous restaurant.

What's Accent like? It is right on Whyte Avenue?

Marianne and Zed said...

Just off Whyte to the north on the east side of 104 Street. It's nice and cozy and they are open a bit later. We didn't eat an entire meal, just stopped for drinks and a dessert, but the service, food and drinks were great, and I've definitely been meaning to make it back for a main.

Your review was great. I hope we can make it there in the next couple weeks... I've only heard good things about it.

Court said...

I'm also hitting up Red Ox - yay! Accent used to be Milan's, do you know if the same people are involved or is it totally new?

Marianne and Zed said...

How long ago was it Milan's? I'm not sure I was around for it (and Charles doesn't remember either) so I really don't know if ownership changed or not.

But Accent must have just joined Original Fare in the past few months, which is great after the closing of Four Rooms and Il Portico.

We'll have to compare Red Ox notes. I'm so looking forward to the meal there... I've heard so much about it.