Monday, July 12, 2010

Sugarbowl stuff

We stopped by Sugarbowl yesterday evening after tearing down the stage at SOS Fest and found an overhauled menu both food and beer wise.

Unfortunately the kitchen was closed so we couldn't sample any of the newer menu items, however the beer list was completely available. Charles went for an Innis & Gunn Blonde, Ilya for an Old Rasputin Imperial Stout (I stole a sip and it was lovely and rich, heavy on the coffee and malty flavours), and I went for a Mc Chouffe. Mine was incredibly fruity... too fruity actually, so I'll know at least to steer clear of this one next time.

I also wanted to mention that Sugarbowl will be hosting a beer education evening with Jason Foster (beer columnist at CBC and Vue Weekly) Tuesday evening from 6-8pm. Tasting samples will be of an Unibroue variety (availability will determine which one). The third cask night is also coming up this Thursday (July 15th), where a brand new cask-beer from Alley Kat will be cracked at 5pm.

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