Friday, July 9, 2010

Parkallen Restaurant

Both arriving home late Wednesday evening, Charles and I decided to take the fifteen minute walk over to Parkallen Restaurant for dinner.

We had never been to the restaurant before (despite its closeness to our apartment), so I'm not sure about previous set up and decor, but walking into their freshly renovated space is quite amazing...

A stunning glass wine case is at the centre of the room

It's set up like this on the north and south sides of the wine case. Towards the back of the room there are tables to seat larger groups.

(Yes, the hookah pipes are functional)

After being seated next to the amazing wine display, we thought a glass or half bottle was in order. While they were out of many of their half bottle selections, our server recommended what ended up being a very pleasant full bottle that we were able to drink half of and carry home in a bag (while we couldn't believe this, we both loved this idea, since a full bottle of wine usually isn't in the cards for us).

Skipping appetizers, we went straight to mains, with Charles ordering a New York steak with potatoes and steamed veggies ($24), and I the Lahem Mishwee platter (cubed beef) with Lebanese rice and veggies ($21).

Our food came out in a pretty timely manner, and we dove in. Charles steak was grilled to his requested medium rare which made him quite happy, and the accompanying sides were equally enjoyable. Although I enjoyed my plate, I found the beef a little bland, however it was grilled just as well as Charles' steak, leaving it moist and tender. The rather large portion of Lebanese rice was really lovely, with lots of cinnamon and toasted almonds.

After polishing off mains, we caved and ordered dessert (after all, we were going to walk it off, right?). First attempting to order a slice of ginger cake, we were told they were sold out, so we decided to move on to a slice of chocolate mousse cake. We polished the whole thing off in no time at all - it was light yet rich, and perfectly chocolatey.

We both enjoyed our visit to Parkallen, but despite it's closeness, I'm not sure it will become a regular destination. With so many spots around 109th St. just minutes away, the temptation to head north versus south towards a more varied selection of cafes and eateries is incredibly enticing.

Parkallen Restaurant
7018 109 St.
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Anonymous said...

Great review!

Believe it about the wine. You can always take home wine from a restaurant in Alberta. They've changed the bylaws to allow for that to encourage moderate consumption. If a restaurant tells you no, they are breaking the law!!!