Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Padmanadi Vegetarian - the new local

Although we knew some sort of major transformation was underway for Padmanadi, I don't think we expected anything quite so sleek and modern. Their new space is bright and airy, and is complete with beautiful tables and chairs with what looks like a lovely private dining room towards the back of the place.

Yesterday was our second visit to the new local. While the same friendly, 'family' atmosphere remains, service seemed a bit rocky as many new staff appear to have been hired on to serve the large space. The food however, was as good as ever.

Before heading off to our second and final site meeting of the year, we gave into some vegan chocolate 'mousse'.

With the new larger space has come a huge increase in hours, with the 107th location open daily for lunch as well as dinner, and the addition of a vegan weekend brunch as well... I hope to check out the latter soon, as their vegan eggs benedict with a butternut squash 'yolk' sounds pretty interesting...

Padmanadi Vegetarian Restaurant
10740 101 Street
Hours: M - Su (11-2 for lunch; 4-10 for dinner); Sa-Su Brunch (9-2 and 4-10)
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erika edith said...

I am so glad you checked out there new location - that is still on my to do list. It looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to try out their brunch - what a great idea.

Maki said...

Those are some funky chairs! I'm hungry just looking at all the beautiful food.

Marianne and Charles said...

Edith - we hadn't been to their old location in awhile, so I'm glad we got to the new one. Hope you make it soon and report back!

Maki - I know, those chairs are fantastic!