Thursday, July 22, 2010

Neapolean and 1488

On our last evening before heading down to site, we ended up sitting out on the balcony eating the remaining perishables from our fridge and enjoying a couple beer I had picked up at Sherbrooke Liquor earlier in the day.

For Charles, a huge I & G fan, I picked up a whisky beer from Tullibardine Distillery's 1488 line that I fell in love with last year. It's crisp and clean, with a warm, smooth whisky finish, and Charles really enjoyed it.

I decided to go with Neapolean Neapolitan Stout, one of the newer brews from the Sherbrooke and Alley Kat pairing. There was a little write up on it and the chocolate cherry stout in the most recent edition of the The Tomato, and although I was a little weary of ice cream flavoured beer, I couldn't resist picking up a six pack to test out.

Like the other Alley Kat/Sherbrooke editions, the label is a complete win - can you really resist an aging Napoleon with a cup of ice cream in his hand? Well, I couldn't. The little guy is just too appealing.

The flavours of chocolate and strawberry were certainly there both scent and taste wise, with the vanilla lingering in the background. As promised, it was truly neapolitan ice cream + beer, and I am happily enjoying the remainder of the six pack.


erika said...

Sounds yummy - I can't wait to try it. More things need to have an ice cream flavor.

Maki said...

I love Sherbrooke Liquor store. It's so much fun getting a variety of drinks to try out.

Marianne and Charles said...

Erika - completely agree. And I think a nice creamy stout is a good place to start.

Maki - I know. Gotta love getting lost in there.