Tuesday, May 10, 2011

V Sandwiches

A few months ago Cathy posted on V Sandwiches, and more specifically on their Signature Sandwiches - 9" toasty baguettes topped with pickled carrots, lettuce, cucumber, onion, cilantro, house mayo and your choice of various preparations of chicken, beef or pork. I made a mental note to check the place out and proceeded to forget about it.

Last Wednesday though, things fell into place. I neglected to pack a lunch and decided to take the walk up Bellamy Hill from the office to grab a cup of Soul Soup. On the way I (re)found V Sandwiches.

By the time I arrived last Wednesday around 1pm they were sold out of chicken and beef options, so I went for the BBQ Pork. A few minutes after ordering the warm sandwich was wrapped in parchment, an elastic was placed around it and I was off.

Without a doubt the walk up the hill was worth it. As Cathy noted the balance of flavours and textures is incredibly satisfying - rich pork, toasty bread, tangy carrots, savory mayo and the perfect amount of cilantro. I raved about the sandwich to Charles that evening and we decided a dinner stop at some point this week was necessary.

So last night I pre-ordered a half-dozen sandwiches for Charles, myself and some of the other office staff, and we indulged before a box office crew meeting. When I called around 2pm yesterday we had our choice of the entire menu, nevertheless there ended up being four Lemongrass Chicken and two Sate Beef.

Once again the subs hit the spot. There were many raves about the crusty bread, the mayo and the overall enjoyment of the sandwich. The price was also very agreeable, with Signature Sandwiches ranging from $6.75 (chicken and pork) to $6.95 (beef). Though I ordered a Lemongrass Chicken last night, I think my go-to will definitely be the Sate Beef - the slight spiciness is excellent with the cooling cucumber, cilantro and tangy carrots.

With a sandwich like that at the end, the trudge up Bellamy Hill or even the stair climb is made much more enjoyable. And there will surely be more of these enjoyed around the office as the summer progresses.

V Sandwiches
10135 100A Street
Hours: M-F (11am - 6pm), Sa (11am - 5pm), Closed Sundays
V Sandwiches on Urbanspoon

*If you can't eat your sandwich straight away, have no fear. Just unwrap and place in the oven/toaster oven for a few minutes and you're good to go. The office toaster oven allowed for some much enjoyed leftovers for lunch today.

The view on the way back down to the office. Just two and a half months and there will be a Festival where that snow is!


Cathy Walsh said...


Marianne, so happy you tried out V's and even more happy that they continue to create consistently delicious sandwiches. I keep finding myself back there when a craving for the chicken satay hits (which is becoming more frequent). Perhaps V's is the new "crack chicken" on Jasper. :-)

Marianne said...

I know! They seem to get better every time! I've been back a few times since - beef satay for me - but next time I'll try the chicken. Lol - totally agree :-)