Monday, May 2, 2011

La Poutine - Open!

On the way to Sugarbowl to meet up with a friend yesterday evening, Charles and I encountered an 'open' sign at La Poutine. We stopped in to grab a 'Traditional' ($5.95 for a regular) and ate it outside on the sidewalk, watching poutine lovers go in and out of the small space.

Though only water, diet coke and orange juice were available yesterday - their first day of business - it looks like they will have several exciting soda options ready to go soon (Stewart's, Boylan's and the like). Poutine wise, other options include The Quebecois (traditional + Montreal smoked meat), Granny's Poutine (Traditional + peas + chicken) and a Vegan Poutine.

There will definitely be a return visit and more thoughts as they settle in. Right now hours are limited, but nevertheless La Poutine is open!


Trevor said...

so exciting, must stop by. How was the poutine?

Marianne said...

I thought it was okay, though I would prefer a bit richer gravy. But to be perfectly honest I don't have much to compare it to.

The cheese curds were certainly a little 'squeaky', but since they're being made here I'm guessing they're pasteurized (?) which doesn't give quite the same effect.

I liked the fries - crispy, skin on. Yum.

Definitely stop by and please report back!