Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A post on Elm Café

I've been to Elm Café quite a few times since they opened last summer. Surprisingly enough I've never really posted on any of their creations. So when a co-worker and I grabbed a sandwich last week I made sure I had the camera ready.

As per most days I've been there was a choice between a cold sandwich and two hot sandwiches. Of the latter, one with bacon, chevre, roasted beets, arugula and pesto sounded amazing, but by the time we arrived (around 1pm) they had sold out. So both of us went for the falafel sandwich with cucumber salsa, tahini, yogurt and greens wrapped in pita.

We took our sandwiches back to the office to continue our computer bound afternoon and later convened to discuss the excellence of Elm's take on falafel. The falafels and tahini combined to make and incredibly creamy, well spiced filling, while radishes and cucumber salsa provided a fresh bite.

In addition to our sandwiches we each grabbed a blondie muffin. Really the fillings (nuts, caramel, white chocolate) led us each to refer to them as dessert (ie. cake), but the batter itself was all muffin - not too sweet, lovely and airy and crisp on the top. Whatever their classification, they were excellent and propelled us through a lengthy Friday afternoon.

I'm looking forward to many more sandwich creations this summer, hopefully followed by more cake-muffins.

Elm Café
#100, 10140 117 Street
Daily sandwich creations (and muffin flavours) for both breakfast and lunch can be found on Twitter.
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