Sunday, April 26, 2009

Small signs of summer... despite the snow

Whatever the weather, I've got it in my mind that it is officially summer... I finished exams this past Wednesday, I start my "summer" job at Folk Fest in a couple weeks and Fat Franks on Whyte (and every other location) is officially open.

On Friday evening Zed and I stopped for the summer's first Fat Franks. Admittedly it was a little cold, but it really didn't matter. I went for my usual: a Veggie Dog on whole wheat with Dijon and regular mustard, onion and lots of pickles. Zed bounces between Veggie, Honey Ham and Italian, and this time it was Honey Ham with fried onions, mustard, banana peppers and pickles.

Our Fat Franks in the sunshine

Although we are inevitably sick of Fat Franks by the end of the summer (they become a regular, wholesome part of our diet during Festival season), they are the perfect reminder of warm days to come.


Sharon said...

It took a lot of effort to walk past the Fat Franks cart at the Old Strathcona Market on Saturday...would have ruined my lunch otherwise. I am looking forward to a warm weather (no snow) dog outside though!

Devin said...

I've already had 2 this year. I sometimes make up reasons just to visit Canadian Tire on the weekends to get a dog. I wish I could find my punch card! I flip between the Jalapeno and Italian.