Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kijiji steal and Chicken Tagine

I can't remember who got me hooked on Kijiji but over the past couple years I've been looking there first if there is something I want or need. This time, just after our trip to Le Gnome, I typed in "Le Creuset."

The dutch oven I was hoping for didn't pop up, but this tagine did. Since she wasn't using it and an unfortunate fall had taken a chunk out of the base (although not enough of a chunk to affect cooking or lid placement), the owner was selling it for $20.

So this past Sunday morning Zed and I picked it up and toted it home. Last night was our first tagine meal, and we chose Chicken Tagine.

We couldn't make it to the Famers' Market this past Saturday, so instead ventured to Whole Earth Foods on 99 St to find some chicken (this also allowed us to stop at Whole Earth Bakery/Cafe for coffee and a pecan tart). The few recipes I looked at suggested mixing a couple cuts, so we chose to include some chicken legs and breasts.

All the vegetables (onions and carrots), spices (cumin, coriander, saffron, cardamom, cayenne) and chicken were thrown into the tagine on low heat on the stove top for a couple hours and came out fantastically moist and richly flavoured. So although the poor tagine is a bit damaged, it will definitely be a welcome tool in the kitchen.


Isabelle said...

That sounds great! I like the idea of a tagine, but I worry that it would become one of those kitchen things that would just sit around never being used ... like the fondue pot that we bought three years ago and finally used for the first time last month. But getting one for 20 bucks would be great.

Court said...

I am so jealous of your find! I am a HUGE kijiji fan as well.