Sunday, April 26, 2009

Folk Fest = summer time = Sugarbowl

I've mentioned before that Sugarbowl becomes Site Crew's hangout after long (but fun!) days on site. Today though, Folk Fest held its annual AGM, which is the signal that the quest to build the thing has officially begun for many of the volunteers and full time and summer staff. After this up beat preview what will take over our summer, we decided a visit to Sugarbowl was important on this very snowy Sunday.

None of us indulged in the lengthy beer list this afternoon, but we were all in for some food. The menu has changed in the last few months - I heard awhile ago that Sugarbowl had a new chef, and while he's left some of the classics on the menu (ie. the goat cheese stuffed tomato, three bean hummus, three cheese panini, etc.) some things have definitely been switched up a bit. All in all though, there seems to have been definite improvement in the quality of the food.

Our group had a fairly wide variety of the menu: lamb burgers with feta cheese, three cheese panini, three bean hummus, Vietnamese pork, chicken curry with rice, a strawberry-nutella panini and a bowl of the day's soup: curried red-pepper and potato. Every thing went over really well: the lamb burgers were the most raved about, perfectly moist and slightly salty from the feta. Sugarbowl also uses some great balsamic that they drizzle on the cheese panini (and the goat cheese tomato) that definitely makes the dish.

Lamb Burger with potatoes and house ketchup

Three cheese panini

Three bean hummus

Strawberry-Nutella panini

I've come down with a bit of a cold thanks to a recent visit from my parents living in Vancouver (I think they must have brought a new strain), and something spicy seemed to be in order so I went for the Chicken and vegetable curry with rice. It didn't look the most appetizing on arrival, but even I could smell the warm curry. It ended up being perfectly spicy and satisfying, served with some warm slices of bread to soak up the excess sauce.

Chicken and vegetable curry

Zed went for the Vietnamese pork stir-fry served with rice. I'm pretty sure he's ordered this a few times before and although I haven't tried it, he's assured me several times that it is a fantastic new-ish addition to the Sugarbowl menu.

Vietnamese Pork stir-fry

I'm looking forward to our Sugarbowl stops this summer, especially since the quality of the food has seen improvement (although their beer list is enough to keep anyone coming back). However I was glad for the stop over this afternoon: the bright windows brought in lots of light making the brick walled space the perfect, warm preview for the coming summer, and a perfect place to watch what will hopefully be our last snowfall.

10922 88 Avenue
Sun - Th: 8am - midnight; Fri-Sat: 8am - 1am

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Court said...

I had heard they were focussing more on the food menu, but it's more of a summertime place for me. Your pictures look great!