Monday, March 14, 2011

'Eat Alberta 2011'

Got April 30th open this year? Check out Eat Alberta, a conference that will highlight some of the talented people within Edmonton's food community. Throughout the day there will be coffee, wine and goat cheese tastings and pasta, pie and pizza dough making (amongst other sessions)... in short, be prepared to get your hands dirty! You can register and/or find full details on sessions, pricing and goals of the conference here.

I'll be volunteering for the day, so if you have a chance to make it out, please stop by and say 'Hi'!


A Canadian Foodie said...

Thank you SO much for doing this for us, Marianne! And for the volunteering!
You rock!

Marianne and Charles said...

No problem. Really looking forward to it, and my friend has agreed to volunteer as well!

Thanks :)