Friday, March 4, 2011

Alley Kat and the Three Bears Oatmeal Stout

Alley Kat posted an invite on Facebook Wednesday asking everyone to come check out their newest (and first for 2011) in the 'Big Bottle Series' - Three Bears Oatmeal Stout. A couple friends and I arrived around 7pm for the last hour of the launch party.

The tap

Brenna and I grabbed a couple glasses of the stout, while Catherine, not a stout fan, went for the classic Full Moon. The stout is rich and smooth with a pleasant level of bitterness throughout, and I think it will be perfect drinking for what is supposed to be a cool-ish spring. In other words, "It's just right." (Sorry about that... I couldn't resist). We also grabbed a few sips of the Apple Wit, which has quickly become a favourite of Brenna's, and the coffee porter which none of us had tried previously. The coffee aroma and flavour in the porter is intense (enjoyably so), and as someone next to us said, it's just like drinking a cold coffee - perfect for breakfast.

A couple mini chocolate cupcakes went with the stout nicely, as did bread from Tree Stone made with some of the malt mixture leftover from the brews. As we sipped our beer we went on a tour of the brewery, something I'd been meaning to do for some time. Informative and fun, this was a great way to spend a Thursday evening after a long week.

Whisky barrels, mostly for the Sherbrooke brews. One is full of Olde Deuteronomy but its release is being delayed by the AGLC. Unfortunately it seems they're not over that whole 11.9% thing... strange since they had reversed the three week law.

Recycled bottles on their way to be filled.

Alley Kat Brewery
9929 66th Ave
Hours: M-W (10:30-4:30) Th-F (10:30-5:30) Sa-Su (Closed)
Alley Kat has great prices on all their brews in store and you can create your own six pack if you're so inclined.

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