Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Meal Planning Saga: Week Three

Alright we had some stumbles this week. We couldn't find all the ingredients for Monday's dish, and with me bagged after a lengthy book review, it was phở at Phởbulous. Wednesday was scheduled for Red Ox's Fork Fest, but Charles had a nasty cold and thus we ended up with an evening of chicken broth and 'nibbling' instead. Friday was TZiN. So here's the partial week.

Sunday - Pork tenderloin with Balsamic Cranberry Sauce - our first Epicurious recipe in awhile, this was pretty good. I couldn't find cranberry sauce so I made my own, which worked well. The pork was moist, and made for an excellent sandwich the next day. We had some leftover quinoa, spinach and roasted sweet potato alongside.

Tuesday -Grilled Chicken and 'Ratatouille' - another one from Epicurious, this one didn't quite get all the ingredients necessary. The chicken was great, but the missing basil and tomatoes from the 'Ratatouille' would have made this dish a bit better.

Thursday - Lengthy title here, but it was steak, sautéd mushrooms, greens and a spicy ginger dressing, again from Epicurious. This was easily the most successful dish of the week, and though we discovered we were out of sesame seeds thus leaving the steak bear, the addition of toasted almonds gave this salad a good crunch. Still resisting buying ingredients for a single recipe, I subbed the 'chili-garlic sauce' with chili paste and fresh garlic, and it tasted great.

And that's all. Saturday evening we were at the annual Folk Fest Members' Appreciation, where we had some incredible lasagna along with various salads, and then we were back on track Sunday to kick off this week. Meals are planned until the 14th of February, so hopefully there won't be too many hiccups in the next couple weeks...

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