Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meal Planning Saga: Week Six

With a couple of assignments and a mid-term during week six, we had a few ups and downs. Though once again, there were a couple favourites and a brand new keeper.

Sunday - Frankies' Meatballs - Perusing videos and recipes on Chow a couple weeks ago (a great way to procrastinate and make yourself hungry), we stumbled on a recipe for meatballs from the Frankies of Frankies Sputino in New York. The raw garlic in these was incredibly overpowering, though the rich yet light texture was incredible. In the end, we ate what we could, froze the rest, and they are now slated to be 'slow cooked' in tomato sauce for a few hours this week to slay some of the raw garlic stuff going on.

Monday - Pulled Pork with Maudite 'Spare Rib' Sauce - Though the pulled pork here was excellent, the sauce we'd loved so much for our New Year's meal didn't quite work here for some reason. The mystery continues.

Tuesday - Thai Green Curry from Meal Planning 101 - Finally a recipe from Kindra's blog, the first one I perused before beginning the meal planning adventure. This is an incredibly flavourful and quick recipe and we'll be making it again soon. Next time with a red pepper, as listed, for a little more colour.

Wednesday - Pizza - Pulling out the last of our latest batch of Peter Reinhart's Neo-Neapolitan pizza dough, we ended up with two pretty excellent pizzas topped with tomato sauce, hot soppressata, hedgehog mushrooms, bocconcini and basil.

Thursday - Carrot-Ginger Soup - Using this recipe from Chatelaine as a guide, this soup turned out pretty well. Best of all, I managed to use up the large amount of carrots that had been sitting idle in our veggie drawer. Kicking up the ginger (by that I mean doubling it), this was almost as good as the bowl I grabbed a couple weeks ago for lunch at Leva.

Friday - With a last minute change of plans I ended up hosting a couple girlfriends for dinner Friday evening while Charles was off to a hockey game. Dropping into the Italian Centre, we grabbed a jar of roasted red peppers and eggplant pâté, a couple loaves of sun dried tomato bread, a round of chèvre and some smoked ghouda, "dolmades" (I'm really addicted to the Zanae version) and artichoke and mozzarella ravioli for what turned out to be a casual, tapas style evening. We also stopped at Bin 104 adding a bottle of Alley Kat's Apple Wit to our food lineup, along with Rogue's Chipotle Ale and their Chocolate Stout for dessert. My favourite was the the creamy, bitter-sweet chocolate stout, though the hit around the table was the Apple Wit.

Saturday evening we found ourselves at Niche... of course a post will follow soon. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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