Monday, June 21, 2010

Devonian Gardens - two trips, one weekend

Neither Charles or I had ever been to Devonian Gardens prior to this weekend. But after enjoying our stroll through the garden Friday evening for Opera al Fresco, we decided to return Sunday for the Rhubarb Festival.

Considering it was the first year for Opera al Fresco, I think they did a great job, managing to work in four performances throughout the evening. There was just a slight breeze which seemed to lend a hand to the natural amphitheatres, and it didn't start getting cool until 9pm (that's also when the mosquitos began to appear en masse) - almost a perfect setting for an outdoor music event.

Some 'Celtic' in the Primula Dell

With people likely arriving straight from work for the 7pm start time, the small bites of food provided by Careit Urban Deli (also the on site food vendor at the gardens) were piled high on people's napkins, and the service staff only made it a few feet before having to turn around to re-fill their trays. But this is something easily fixed for next year...

Wanting to take in more of the gardens, we decided to head back Sunday afternoon for the 2nd annual Rhubarb Festival. Arriving at 2pm, we missed the 1:30pm En Sante Winery info session, but we did make it in time for a rhubarb cooking demonstration by Gail Hall and a few rhubarb inspired goodies being sold in the Pine Pavillion.

Pear and rhubarb clafoutis

Rhubarb Juice

Rhubarb-cinnamon loaf

And now for tourist shots:


Chris said...

Looks like a nice visit Marianne. It has been years since I've been out and enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere. Did you have a favourite performance from the first night?

Marianne said...

It was a really lovely visit - like leaving Edmonton totally (I know the gardens are outside Edmonton, but...) for an evening/afternoon.

My favourite performances was definitely the celtic - how could you not love acoustic guitar, old Scottish songs, and a venue called the 'Primula Dell'?