Monday, May 21, 2012

Back to Three Boars Eatery

We've been back to Three Boars a couple times since our initial visit and remain just as impressed. Their menus still change frequently and their beer list continues to expand and rotate, with new kegs tapped (and consumed) daily. Last Saturday we met up with a couple friends for an early dinner. And unlike that first visit we had our camera along. Here's what we got into:

Beer - Ommegang BPA, Russell Brewing's Blood Alley ESB and Peche Mortel were on the rotating taps - and on our table - throughout the evening.

Buckwheat honey glazed Brussel sprouts with lemon and nutmeg ($8)

Sauteed mushrooms with egg yolk and toast ($12)

Flat iron steak with tomato salad and confit garlic vinaigrette ($17)

Liver 'n onion poutine ($12)

Lamb neck ragoût ($15)

Cornish game hen, cherry tomatoes, lamb bacon, baby bok choy and sage ($19)

While everything on the table was enjoyed, the lamb neck ragoût and cornish game hen stood out with their well balanced flavours and textures. Full from both beer and mains, we decided to skip dessert and ended up strolling down to Da Capo for a coffee to round out a warm evening in Garneau.

*The post on our first visit can be found here.

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Courtenay said...

Looks good Marianne! I'll definitely have to try Three Boars when I get home :)