Monday, April 2, 2012

Under the High Wheel {at Roots on Whyte}

My birthday passed a couple Saturdays ago, and although I got spoiled with dinner at Bua Thai and Sunday lunch at Continental Treat (complete with a couple tasty bottles of beer), I wasn't going to turn down Brenna's invitation to a belated birthday brunch. The decision of where to go was easy - she and Catherine live a block or two away from the new Roots on Whyte {Community Building} and I had a meeting nearby that afternoon. So Under the High Wheel it was.

After being seated by the window, both Catherine and I quickly decided on a buckwheat crepe filled with spinach and feta cheese, topped with pumpkin seeds ($12; $2 extra to add a free range egg). There was also a lightly dressed salad served alongside that was full of fresh pea shoots and greens, perfect beside the savoury crepe. Brenna went for a sweeter breakfast option, choosing a waffle topped with fresh berries and chantilly cream (~$10). Finally, we all shared a fruit salad topped with yogurt and hemp seeds (~$5). Between the two different mains on the table, we couldn't choose a favourite; both were perfectly enjoyable in their own right.

To finish things off, Brenna ordered a cappuccino that came in a DaCapo cup, in anticipation of the caffe opening next door. Currently there appears to be a temporary wall dividing the two spaces as construction continues in the new DaCapo space. And although we didn't confirm with any of the staff, we're guessing the two will eventually be connected - DaCapo providing the espresso and Under the High Wheel the food.

Finally, we took a walk through Blush Lane Organic Market, just across the hall. My walk through was pretty brief, but for the most part products looks similar to those found at Planet Organic; however, there's no doubt the new space is impressive. One staff member was even charged with walking around the store, offering up apples to customers as they complete their shopping. I ended up with a pound of Saxby Creamery's butter (which I thought was a pretty good deal at just over $4) and my free Granny Smith apple before heading out.

The few tenants we visited in the building were still figuring things out; understandable since the place just opened a couple weeks ago. Nevertheless our experience at Under the High Wheel was fantastic. We were impressed with the bright space, full of contrasting woods and concrete (and of course I'm in love with the bicycle theme), and although our server had just started the day before, she did a great job fielding our questions and explaining the menu.

I'm sure summer will bring great things for the space. In particular the wide sidewalk near the entrance is calling for excellent patio seating and bicycle parking. But whether or not those things are part of the plan, we'll be back soon for more coffee and casual plates.

at Roots on Whyte
8135 102 Street


Claire Tunney said...

I think we have to go for brunch soon. I was at DaCapo today for some of my favourite gelato: Mayan Chocolate and saw all the incredible baking that Antonio has available now. It's awesome that we'll be seeing more of it!

Marianne said...

Yes we do. Love that one, and the cinnamon. And yes, we were there on Sunday. Cinnamon and ricotta in puff pastry... that's good stuff :-D

Isabelle said...

It sounds great. I am really curious about whether they have gluten-free options. Any idea if the buckwheat crepes are GF?

Marianne said...

The buckwheat crepes were the GF option; otherwise I think their crepes are more of a Ukrainian style made with AP flour...

Beyond that I didn't see any GF options, but then the entire breakfast/brunch menu consisted of two kinds of crepes (one savoury, one sweet), the waffle and a breakfast sandwich. And then little things like fruit salad, muffins, etc. So to the point in the first place.

Hope that helps, Isabelle!

Isabelle said...

Yes, that's great to know. Thanks Marianne!

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