Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Foiled no more - Drift

As summer comes to a close and we stick our heads out in public again, we've been trying to hit some 'spots' that we've missed in the passed little while. Specifically Nomad, Drift and Battista's Calzone Co. Prior to today's outing, all of our attempts to enjoy any offerings from the above had been foiled.

After riding by around 10:45 this morning and seeing 'closed' written the board in front of the truck, I went home and arranged to reconvene with Charles at Drift's 108th Street local about noon. Finally everything aligned and our sandwich eating was meant to be.

By noon they had already sold out of the Duck Confit (port soaked cranberries and cabbage), and just after we placed our orders, the Pork and Leek Sausage (egg, aged cheddar, fries). In the end Charles decided on the Roast Beef (gherkins, horseradish mayo, mustard and greens) and I went for the Jerk Chicken (grilled pineapple and slaw) with a lychee drink and fennel/cumin fries on the side. The entire order came to $20 even, and five minutes later everything was packaged in a paper bag and we were ready to go.

The chosen eating spot

My Jerk Chicken sandwich was moist and the pineapple provided a lovely sweetness and the slaw a rich base. A bit more flavour from the chicken would have been welcome, but overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable sandwich. Charles noted that the Roast Beef was well rounded flavour wise, and like me he also appreciated the warm, toasty ciabatta bun everything sat on. Along with the sandwiches the shared order of fries was the perfect size. On a bit of a blustery, cool day the warm spices were well placed, and Charles walked back to work happily finishing the last few.

Jerk Chicken

Roast Beef

Although there are plenty of spots offering sandwiches downtown, Drift provides a well thought out selection that will definitely have us heading back to 108th Street.

108 Street and 100 Avenue
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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Drift fries!

I can't believe you guys didn't try either of my 2 favourites... the pork belly or the back bacon and brie. You'll have to go back and try them now.

The roast beef is the only one I haven't tried yet, so it was good to read about it here! Thanks.

Marianne said...

The fries were great! All the sandwiches sounded so great - the pork belly and back bacon is definitely on the list for the next round. One more reason to head back :-D

A Canadian Foodie said...

I cannot wait to try DRIFT! YUM! You are definitely living the Edmonton Foodie life, my dear!
I never get out to eat!
Well, not often enough. Are you reading, Vanja?

Marianne said...

Lol! Hope you enjoy it when you get there, Valerie!!!