Monday, April 4, 2011

Meal Planning Saga: Week Twelve

Last week Kasia asked me how long the 'saga' will go on for. I realized I hadn't even considered the length of this project. Perusing meal planning sites, the goal usually seems to be 6 months, a year, etc. On Saturday morning Charles and I chatted and decided we will absolutely continue 'planning' until June 17th - the day I finish school (can you tell I'm counting the days?) - and after that we'll see what we think. I imagine myself having more time to cook this summer, and with all the unexpected items to be found at the market each week, I'm not sure planning before we shop will be as useful. I see more experimentation with this in our immediate future.

We ended up going to 'Beyond the Supermarket' a few weeks ago on Alberta Ave. Though a friend is urging me to grab a community garden plot (I am very jealous of his $28 seeds and the vegetables to come), it's not that easy. Like many people around town we are currently trying to get on a lengthy waiting list for the garden in our own neighbourhood, and a plot will likely not be available until the 2012 season (small update: I got an e-mail from the garden saying there may be a plot available for this season. At any rate we are on the waiting list). There are gardens further from our apartment, but with ETS or bicycle as our transport choices, we know we need (and would like) a local closer to home to make it functional. This is a long way of saying that we are leaning strongly towards the Green Eggs and Ham 'Futures' plan this year. So updates on that as the spring/summer moves along.

On to this past week's dishes!

Sunday - As per other weeks a roast chicken. This time though, I used some of the caramelized goodness at the bottom of the pan and made a quick gravy. It took our Sunday evening chicken to a whole new level.

Monday - Another familiar - risotto with mushrooms. The creaminess was right on that day, I have to say.

Tuesday - Charles was off to his mom's for dinner whilst I snack and worked on a book review.

Wednesday - We met up with Charles' mom, sister and nieces at Da Capo for pizza, salad and gelato (they've increased the number of flavours again for spring!). Excellent as usual.

A scoop of cinnamon

Thursday - Cold noodles with peanut sauce from David Lebovitz. Along with some roasted vegetables and leftover roast chicken, this was a quick, flavourful meal to throw together. Plus we've got some extra peanut sauce in the freezer for later days.

Jill (aka Sugar of Cream and Sugar) and I must be thinking on some similar wave length. Right after I scheduled this recipe I found she had posted on it. And yesterday she posted on the slow cooker butter chicken too. Their new website looks fantastic as well - good job ladies!

Friday - Lentil Loaf from We Eat Together. I really enjoyed the flavour here, but I think the lentils need to be broken down a bit more, which would hopefully keep the crumbly slices together as well. Next time I'll try to purée some of the lentils and see where we end up.

 Sobey's College Plaza has a nice array of Willow Creek products from Saskatchewan

Saturday - Lamb meatballs inspired by the Frankies'. We didn't have pine nuts this time (and Charles has a strong aversion to raisins so those will never make it in), but we did add sunflower seeds here which provided a similar softened crunch. Everything else was the same and these came out incredibly moist and flavourful. I made some tomato sauce while they were in the oven and steamed some spinach and we were good to go.

Action shot! Look at the grip.

Also, I was quite proud of my lunch on Saturday afternoon. Charles had brought home bagels and eggs from the market, and I used some frozen spinach up as well.

That was number twelve. I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather! We took our bicycles in on Saturday for tune ups, and as soon as essays are through in a couple weeks I'm planning to break free from the library and live some sort of romantic lifestyle on my bicycle in between exams. Any similar plans?


Rhianna said...

Thank you!
And cinnamon gelato from Da Capo was my fave fave fave choice when I used to go.

Dana said...

I'm intrigued by the community gardens - how do you find ones with available plots?

Marianne and Charles said...

Rhianna - the cinnamon is truly the best, especially if there's a bit of chocolate to go with it ;)

Dana - There doesn't seem to be any way to tell. We started here: But the website is really out of date, so you'll likely have to e-mail each garden you're interested in to request a spot/get put on a waiting list. I wish I could be more helpful! I'm definitely going to keep posting on this subject.

Anonymous said...

That bagel egg sandwich looks amazing! Thank you for the mention also :)