Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eat Local First Order #1

We received our first order from Eat Local First today just after 12pm. Since I'm at home studying today, the delivery to our apartment building worked out well. However, I'm not sure how it would be if we were both out for the day... the website says that if they can't get into your building, they will leave it in the entry way.

Everything was packed away nicely with two ice packs in the cooler. Next time we order, we can just swap out this cooler for the next one. Delivery was $8, plus a $40 deposit on this cooler that we will get back when it's picked up or returned.

Here's what we got:

Bacon ($9.38)

Ham (1.5-2lb; $15)

Mushrooms ($8.75 for 50g)... this one hurt the wallet a little

Beans ($4.38)

Fiddleheads ($12.5)

Since many of the items for order overlap with markets (Irvings pork, Ocean Odyssey Inland's fish) and even grocery stores (Bles-Wold yogurt, Prairie Mill Bread), I'm not sure how much we will be utilizing this service, especially during the summer with the City Market on Saturdays.

As far as I understand, this initial Eat Local First service is sort of separate from the Good Food Box part of things. The actual Good Food Box will start up mid June, with a weekly delivery to members of 10-12 local, seasonal items... I'm editing this because I received the Good Food Box newsletter today, which explained this further (I guess others were confused too). Last year they just did the Good Food Box with a 6-8 week delivery program of 10-12 local items per week. This year they have expanded to include both the original Good Food Box program, and the online grocery store portion.

They are also now offering pick up at their warehouse (5032 129 Ave) on Thursdays from 1-7pm, so you can still order if you are not in the postal code delivery zones yet. Orders for food delivery or pick up for the next week must be in by Saturday at noon.

*I referenced the Good Food Box and Eat Local First projects in my Anthro of Food paper, so more thoughts on this topic to come after exams!


Mariel said...

This is really cool thank you for the information about this service!

erika said...

Thanks so much for the info. When I first heard about the service I was a bit confused - glad to hear a first hand review.

Isabelle said...

We have been seriously looking into this - unfortunately they don't deliver to our postal code yet. All that stuff looks good! I know the local mushrooms are expensive, but they are a big draw for us ...

Marianne and Charles said...

We really wanted to try the mushrooms too, and I'm sure the cost for both the collecting of them, and the quality itself, is justified. It was just such a big jump from buying them at the grocery store.

We checked with MONA abut buying larger quantities, so if these ones go down well I think I might go that way and see if I can save a bit.

A Canadian Foodie said...

A really really great idea - but I get out to the markets and really want to support this - so I will just tell all of my friends and have them read your site. This is a tremendous initiative.
Thanks for the excellent post! I am behind on my reads... report card time.

Marianne and Charles said...

I think the farmers' market is ultimately a better way to support local food. The community aspect of buying local, and the consumer-producer relationship is important, and I feel like it is being negated here. But it is an interesting concept, and I'm glad they are at least getting the word out about local food. Thanks, Valerie! Good luck with reading!