Friday, December 4, 2009

Tea and Chocolate

We stopped at Cally's Teas this evening for the preview of their Christmas blends. They have about a half-dozen or so new teas that they've blended right there in the shop for the holidays and they all smell amazing!

Cally gave us a cup of the Tea Affair Chocolate Cream to try (along with some of Tree Stone's stollen - also great) so we left with 50g of that ($6), and I couldn't leave without some of the Vienna Winter Green, which also has the most amazing aroma (50g for $7). The preview of Cally's holiday teas and Tree Stone's holiday breads will continue tomorrow, and everything in the shop will be 15% off.

Vienna Winter Green

Tea Affair Chocolate Cream

Cup of the Chocolate Cream

On Monday we also stopped at Sweet Lollapalooza to give some of their confections a try. Our experience was similar to Sharon's, although instead of the buttercrunch, we left with 9 bonbons ($20) and a pack of milk chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies ($12 for 6). Our favourite bonbon was the 'burnt butter caramel', and I also think it had the best design of them all - very deco. We both agreed we could have left the cookies though, as we didn't care for the combo of the thick, milk chocolate bottom with the cookie - just too much of a good thing in one large size.

The assortment

The burnt butter caramel bonbon

The milk chocolate chip cookies

Cally's Teas
8610 99 Street

Sweet Lollapalooza Confections
Lower level, Commerce Place
10155 - 102 Street


C Walsh said...

How exciting, and what a coincidence. I was at Cally's yesterday when you two arrived. This morning I was rummaging through my Google Reader recommendations, and here you are! Your photographs are incredible. Best wishes.

Marianne and Charles said...

Serious coincidence! Hope you are enjoying your tea!

Thanks for your comments on the photos... we got a new camera a few weeks ago so I'm trying to experiment.

Hope to see you at Cally's again soon! Thanks!